We're open to members and conference room renters.

Here are other spots you can get on the internet.
Internet in Bar Harbor

Where Bar Harbor Gets To Work

Anchorspace Bar Harbor, located inside the municipal building on Cottage Street in Bar Harbor Maine, can be anything from your occasional meeting spot to your full time office.

Origin Story

Hi I’m Nicole. I opened Anchorspace Bar Harbor in 2015 when I wanted to work outside my house, and meet other people who did the same. Besides providing workspace, we also have a virtual community with members from five states currently and offer professional development workshops, too.

Our members are both self-employed and remote workers trying to work smarter. If you like quick chats in the break room without passive-aggressive notes about cleaning the fridge, coworking might be for you.

In COVID times and beyond, Anchorspace is taking your (and our own) safety seriously… and plan to be here as long as we can!

Anchorspace Entrance (On Third Floor Of Town Office)

Main Room (We Have AC Now!)

Stand/sit desks (and adjustable booth desk)

We're in an old schoolhouse, cool huh?

Monitors and other borrowable tech

Like a small desk in a cozy corner? Try Ben's Nook!

Conference room for members (or rent)

What’s here besides desks and WiFi?

You have a desk and the internet at your place. But besides stand-sit desks and ergonomic chairs, we’ve got some stuff you might not. New to Anchorspace Bar Harbor is the phone booth work station included with your monthly membership!

Get some social contact

Meet new friends or just talk to another human being outside your house. 

Maximum bandwidth

Don’t wait for your internet to catch up to your brain. We have fast WiFi and corded connections.

Maine roasted coffee

We have really good coffee (and tea too) for cozy working, as much as you want.

Learn useful stuff

Our regular professional development workshops get you working smarter.

Phone Booth 

Feel free to duck in when you have some phone calls to make or video conference calls.

We’ve got what you need.

Recording a podcast? Photographing products for your online store? Need a meeting without interruption? We have the tech and space so you can do your thing. 








Don’t take our word for it.

We’ve been making an economic impact on MDI for over five years… and making some cool friends in the process.