Bar Harbor Internet (Updated 4/5/23)

We have a small space with 4 desks which are only open to weekly users and monthly members.

If you need a short-term space with a closeable door and high-speed internet, you can rent the conference room. ($30/hour or $150/day with at least 24 hours in advance booking)

If you need internet today or don’t need privacy, here are the places we know that have it. We’ll put the date this page was updated in the top so you know. If you have other spots to add, contact us.

Internet in Bar Harbor is expensive so please financially support these businesses/organizations if you use this resource and observe their mask and other policies!

  • Town of Bar Harbor has public internet in areas like the Village Green and Agamont Park. Note: connection resets every 30 mins.
  • If you are a Spectrum customer elsewhere in the world, you can connect to the Spectrum WiFi downtown through the Spectrum app, authenticating with your username/password.
  • These businesses offer WiFi to customers (they might not have seating but they let customers use their network):
    • Chocolatte (Main Street)
    • Lompoc (Roddick Street)
    • My Darling Maine (Cottage St)