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Private conference room
The Conference Room at Anchorspace is rentable by the hour ($30/hour) or at a special day rate of $150. You may wonder, what does this include?

    • Coffee/tea service There is coffee and tea available in the Kitchen, but if you need privacy, we are happy to make up a carafe of coffee or two for you. We have three total so we can make one that is just hot water for the tea drinkers.
    • Adjustable table/chairs (We can make it comfortably sit 2-10 people.)
    • High speed internet
    • Use of common spaces (we have two bathrooms and a kitchen area) as needed
    • Private entrance (Welcome your guests and close the door!)
    • Teleconferencing unit (Bluetooth compatible)
    • LCD projector and screen (as needed)
    • Blinds (adjust the natural light level in the room)
      • Cameras throughout space with 30 days of footage stored on the server (for the safety of anyone coming into the space)
    • Marker board and cork board on walls (for useable display space)


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