Anchorspace Bar Harbor Parking Information

Unfortuantely, Anchorspace Bar Harbor has no private parking for our members.

The Town of Bar Harbor operates a seasonal paid parking program May through October annually (exact dates reviewed annually).

The program uses both meters and kiosk parking areas for public parking on the main Downtown streets and parking lots with side streets being permitted parking only for residents and employees.

Charges for public parking are between $2 to $4 per hour depending on location. Certain high demand areas have a 4 hour limit. Paid Parking is in effect between the hours of 8 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Saturday and 12 PM to 8 PM on Sunday.

Bar Harbor residents and employees can apply for a permit at
You must create a user account first, then apply for the permit desired.

Full information can be found here , but here are a few FAQ’s

I‘m an Anchorspace member, can I get a parking permit?
You are an employee of your business which operates out of Anchorspace, so far members have qualified for an employee permit (there is a nominal charge, $30 for 2021). However, please let us know that you are applying for a permit as we have to verify your membership to avoid fraudulent use of our facility. We don’t fit the mold of stand alone businesses, but the Town has been gracious to work with us and we want to keep it that way!

If you are a resident whose vehicle is registered in BH and pays excise tax in Bar Harbor you would also qualify for a free resident permit.

I own a home in Bar Harbor and pay taxes, but my vehicle is registered elsewhere. Can I get a resident permit?
NO, you do qualify for a Non resident Vehicle permit, but we suggest you explore the employee permit option as it is cheaper!

I want to have clients come to meet with me at Anchorspace, how can I facilitate that?
The Town offers the purchase and use of $1 parking tokens that will be accepted in all its meters and kiosks. They are available in the Municipal Building Finance office in rolls of 25 tokens for $25. The good news is that we are right in the Municipal building, so easy access to buy tokens if you want to offer them to clients. The bad news is that you would have to get the tokens to them in advance.

So will my Permit allow me to park outside the Building?
NO, permits allow parking on the residential streets in designated permit areas. If you want to park in commercial areas you will have to pay the meter/kiosk fees. However, Bar Harbor has a very walkable downtown, so there is plenty of availability within an easy walk.
Here is a map showing paid parking/permit parking areas – basically a permit will allow unlimited parking in the areas marked in green (Anchorspace location marked with red pin):

Note the areas closest to Anchorspace Bar Harbor are:

  • West Street (across from La Rochelle)
  • Brewer, Myrtle, and Maple Ave. (same general section)
  • Greeley Ave.

It’s a 5-10 minute walk from these spots and with the busy summer we are having, give yourself time to try your first choice parking area and be able to move onto your second choice if it’s full.

We get it, it’s not our favorite thing either but we share the workspace AND we share the town with lots of visitors so patience, acceptance, and a perusal at a map are helpful in this case.