A Celebration of Chocolate: Raw Cacao Workshop

We often hear about the health benefits of chocolate in the news but what we don’t realize is the stuff in our chocolate bar is far from the cacao plant it came from.

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“As a Chef, Nutritional therapist and a yogi, my work and my passions spring from deep roots in the world of natural health and Whole foods.  I was raised amongst a community of people who encouraged inquiry into our relationship with our food, one another and our planet.  I continue to seek out the best ingredients and natural medicines to nurture my self and my clients whilst being mindful of how what we choose to eat affects the planet as a whole.
My Chocolate odyssey has been refined over the years as I have experimented with various modes of Chocolate gastronomy and art.  From watching traditional Mexican Chocolate being blended to working with some of the top chocolatiers from Paris, it has been a deliciously fun ride!  I started working with Raw chocolate 7 years ago when I was eliminating sugar and processed food from my clients diet.  It was around this time that I was introduced to the medicinal benefits of Cacao by a young Colombian friend who took me on a journey of discovery with a raw chocolate drink that blew my mind.  I have used Raw Cacao ever since and am officially an ambassador for this amazing and true FOOD OF THE GODS”

– Katy Cox,
Everessence Nutrition

Katy brings her knowledge and experience to us in this event that’s part workshop, part festival. She’ll educate participants about:

  • the healing powers of cacoa
  • how to choose cacao for purchase
  • how to make raw chocolates (with three of her favorite recipes)
  • how to make cacao drinks
  • how we can help preserve the health of the cacao plant (even though Maine is far from the countries where it is grown)
  • more!

If you’ve never met Katy, she is a dynamite presenter full of knowledge and enthusiasm. Bring your questions and your love of chocolate and she’ll do the rest! Workshop limited to 25 participants to ensure interaction so sign up today!

Originally held: August 2015
Presented by: Katy Cox
Fun Fact: Katy now resides in Sri Lanka, closer to her beloved pods!

If this is something you’d  be interested in us reviving let us know (no guarantees): 

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