Relocate To Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a beautiful place in the world… but with much of the knowledge being informal and hard to research, it can be difficult to figure out all the moving parts of relocating to the area.

At Anchorspace, we can help, whether you are trying out living here, going to live here part time, or moving here indefinitely. Our ‘soft landing’ package includes:

Airport Pickup
We’ll make sure you’re picked up, whether you fly into Bangor or Bar Harbor airports. We’ll even make a cool sign with your name on it so you can feel super important.

Where to Hang Your Hat
You’ll need some accommodations, we’ll be happy to help you find a place you can relax and recharge your first month here while you look for more permanent housing.

Instant friends
OthersĀ  working at Anchorspace are in your same situation or have been there before. These will be among your first friends.

Personal MDI Orientation
We’ll have fancy coffee drinks or your beverage of choice and answer all your questions about the area. From the best Facebook groups to join to where the secret free parking is, we’ll give you the lowdown of everything we know and learned from living here the past ten years.

Full Membership At Anchorspace
Connect with our incredible community with state of the art workspace right in downtown Bar Harbor. With high speed internet and within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and parts of Acadia National Park, you’ll not only get a lot done but enjoy your time working as well.

Welcome Kit
We’ll give you a kit of the most useful things for your life in Bar Harbor. It’s a surprise what’s in here but it’ll be both useful and cool.

“I can not speak highly enough of Nicole at Anchorspace. She seems to know just about everyone and is always connecting folks who have something to offer each other. She very community minded and enriches the people of Mount Desert Island each and every day. Sure am lucky to have met her!!” – Jennifer Wales, owner of Mountain Sea Properties

You get yourself here and we’ll take care of making sure you are taken care of from there and make your transition as smooth as possible.

Contact us about our ‘soft landing’ packages!

Still not convinced?

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