It’s really hard to have great new ideas in the same old space.

Businesses and organizations hold retreats outside the office, not just as a luxury for employees but because changing your space really can change your perspective. If you have a small team though, it can seem inconvenient to rent a large space (ex. a hotel ballroom) or use a large not quite private space for free (ex: bank conference room), especially in the middle of the season. Enter Anchorspace!

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Anchorspace offers affordable retreat space for small teams. Professional but comfortable, you’ll enjoy getting work done outside your office.

Sure, you can use the meeting room for brainstorming but also take advantage of other amenities nearby.

Local Hikes

Whether you want to have a ‘walking meeting’ as part of your retreat or just want to take a lunch break to a pretty spot, there are some shortish local hikes right near Anchorspace Bar Harbor:

Compass Harbor: About 1/2 a mile away from Anchorspace is the parking lot for Compass Harbor, a part of Acadia National Park. The walk is easy (less than .5 miles total) and you can get to the ocean views without too much effort. More information here.

Great Meadow: There is also another hike within walking distance of Anchorspace which is particularly great when the seasons are changing. More information here.

Shore Path: If you want to get a 1.5-2 mile walk in without going into Acadia National Park, the Shore Path will take you by the ocean. Access it by walking down Wayman Lane (about a block from Anchorspace.)

If you want to go a mile further (and have a park pass), you can get on the Park Loop Road or explore Schooher Head, Great Head, and other hikes a bit further afield.

Indoor Recreation

We are right next door to the MDI YMCA, which has an indoor pool, basketball court, and gym. The local skatepark and sports fields are across the street too. Have a quick frisbee/kickball/wiffle ball game outside or use an affordable day pass ($10/person) to enjoy the indoor facilities.

Looking for something a bit more competitive? Acadia Indoor Golf is right down the street.


If you’re ready for a lunch, dinner, or snack break, you can walk outside Anchorspace and easily to any of these local venues. “In season” means open between Memorial Day (late May) and Indigenous Peoples Day (mid October).

  • MDI Ice Cream – Homemade ice cream with unusual flavors like miso or blackberry. Open in season.
  • Chocolatte – Coffee and light breakfast/lunch options, open year round.
  • Havana – Open for dinner year round, there is also a great patio (or ‘parilla’) for happy hour.
  • Slice of Eden – Open for breakfast and lunch, year round, think high end bakery with stuff like homemade cream puffs (yum) and Paris-brest (which I’m still not sure I am spelling right).
  • Peekeye Toe Provisions – Fish market with lunch and dinner options in season. We recommend the fish tacos but you can have whatever you like. (Yes they have non-seafood options too).
  • Everyday Joes – Yes it is a gas station but also a cute cafe open year round for breakfast and lunch. Try the breakfast sandwiches on the biggest English muffins I’ve ever seen or order a nice salad.
  • McKays Public House – Open for dinner, kind of year round, there is outdoor seating in the summer months and a cool copper bar to sit at for happy hour.

These are just what’s on lower Main Street, there is plenty more to eat and drink in Bar Harbor too. Enjoy a walk to get your food or have takeout brought to Anchorspace for your team to enjoy.

Want delivery? Tell us what you’re looking for and we can try to arrange it for you! From a 3 o’clock ‘cookie break’ to a sandwich platter left in the kitchen for when your team is ready for lunch, we’ve done it and are happy to make your life easier helping arrange it.

What Else?

Private office: Want to offer chair massages or another ‘treat’? We have a private office area (with a closeable door) that can be converted into a pampering room (or used for a breakout session) that is in addition to the meeting room.

Team building in the backyard: We have a lawn area with a stone fireplace. Toast some marshmallows or just get some vitamin D in the backyard at Anchorspace.

We can help: We have relationships with lots of locals. Need a photographer to teach your team some iPhone photography tricks? Need 8 copies of your employee manual made? Want to host an arts workshop with your group? We know individuals, non-profits, and businesses and are happy to connect you with to make all your retreat dreams come true.

Just because you are a small group, does not mean you can’t benefit from getting off site and get the ideas flowing! Contact us about hosting your retreat at Anchorspace.