Who Uses Anchorspace?

Traveling Salespeople and Consultants

“I work with businesses all over the state of Maine, pinpointing their location and business information so customers find them on smart maps. Sometimes, I work out of my car, a hotel room, or even a client’s business. It’s far more productive having a quiet, efficient space to work in Bar Harbor. Now I invite my clients to Anchorspace for  a private, distraction free space to solve their business datamap problems. Anchorspace is my Bar Harbor office.”

Jim LeClair
Smart DataMap Services

Businesses With Offices Elsewhere

“My business has an office in Ellsworth but I have a lot of Bar Harbor customers. Anchorspace gives me (and my employees) a quiet, efficient space to get work done in between meetings. High speed internet, coffee, and a place to eat lunch from my favorite Bar Harbor takeout spots, Anchorspace is my Bar Harbor office.”

Dave Charon
Owner of Compusult

People Helping Businesses Grow

“For the past nine years, I’ve advised small Maine businesses so I have toured tons of different workspaces. Anchorspace is an amazing place, unlike any other I’ve visited. As soon as I walked in, I just loved the energy. This new high-tech, cutting-edge shared work space has so many great amenities like workshop venues and a conference room ideal for trainings, trunk shows and special events—all of it in the heart of downtown Bar Harbor.  I can see this cool place being a buzzing hive of activity to various types of businesses, such as visiting professionals, traveling sales reps and vendors, creatives who want to collaborate with others, as well as Bar Harbor visitors who are combining work and pleasure on their trips. Anchorspace offers it all—and I believe those who discover it will indeed walk away well served.”

Ruth Cash-Smith
Business Counselor at CEI

Join these and others making Anchorspace their Bar Harbor office.